Wedding Gifts that are Useful and Unique

It’s nice to get the bride or groom a wedding gift that is fancy or a bit outlandish, but if you are the more practical type, you probably want to buy something they will actually have use for. What fits the bill best will depend on the recipient’s personality, but that bit of extra effort can be worth it in the long run. Best of all, your gift will stand out because the couple will still see it every day. The right gift can make a lasting impression and help the couple out at the same time.


Food always makes for a great gift regardless of the occasion, and the more exotic the food, the more it will stand out. If you want to be especially creative, try buying or making traditional wedding dishes from a foreign country. Some good examples are special Brazilian cookies called Bem Casados, made of two miniature sponge cakes sandwiched together with dulce de leche, cream or jam in between or Yak Shik, a Korean confection that consists of sweet and sticky rice balls made with brown sugar and sprinkled with pine nuts, raisins and chestnuts. See what locations are symbolic to the happy couple and experiment.

Another good wedding gift if you want something that will last longer than food are classes in a particular interest. This can be extremely useful in the long run. For example, if neither the bride nor the groom can cook, give them some cooking classes. If they are interested in photography, give them a photography class so they can take better pictures and preserve happy memories. The possibilities are truly endless if you know the bride and groom well.


One fantastic gift that would greatly help the happy couple would be to buy one of their wedding vendors before the wedding. For the future bride and groom, planning a wedding may be the most financially stressful times in their lives. Think about surprising them with the best wedding videography phoenix has to offer or letting them know that their wedding cake is covered. The Mr. and future Mrs. will be so grateful!

For a safe bet, some brand new household items always do the trick. Think cleaning supplies, food containers, appliances, dishes and the like. It doesn’t sound very impressive, but these seemingly little things can take a big chunk out of a couple’s budget when they start out. If you want to make them a little more personal, and you have the funds, you could also throw in some hand-decorated pieces like a coffee mug with the groom’s name on it or buying a decorative plate from any number of online retailers. Many of them also allow you to make your own customized item with a picture you already have. Get a picture of the bride and groom together for a perfect display piece.