Such a Different Wedding

bridal-636018_640Weddings come in many shapes and sizes. Big, Small, Fancy, Cheap and on a budget. You can do a beautiful wedding at an inexpensive cost even. Some weddings take years to plan and others take no time at all. No matter the style of the wedding the meaning behind the wedding is what truly matters. Sometimes you set a date immediately and know exactly when you are having dream wedding day that wasn’t how it was for me and my hubby. We got and engaged and about a year and a half later we still hadn’t sat a date. It wasn’t because we didn’t want to just because we knew we wanted a wedding that wasn’t in our budget at the time and we really badly wanted to make each other happy.

The November of the year we got married we were in a bad accident. That same February we were coming back home from a shopping trip and decided that we wanted to go ahead and get married. That night we went by a good friend of mines house to talk to her about the wedding ideas. She had been a wedding planner before and I was hoping maybe she had some ideas. We wanted to do it quickly so we only had about 5 days to plan it and get everything ready and make sure we had a venue. My friend and her husband generously offered their home as the venue and she helped plan the entire thing from flowers to invites to what to wear and everything.

Instead of dresses and suites pants-676116_640since we had a time crunch and a tight budget we wore tee shirts and jeans. The colors were pink, white, silver and blue. We made bouquets and boutonnieres for everyone in the wedding out of fake flowers that she already had on hand. They all looked awesome. We bought a cake and my brothers girlfriend at the time did a grooms cake as a gift. One of my friends did my hair and makeup and everyone took pictures.

Do not take into consideration the photographer, we maybe spent $200-$300 dollars on the whole wedding. Afterwards we went bowling with friends and family and had a great time. We had a lot of what we want but not all but that was fine because I married the love of my life and we had fun with everyone who could make it. So weddings can be budget friendly, planned quickly and still have everything you dreamed of.